Your direction touch kiosk

votre borne tactile d'orientation et d'information

your direction touch kiosk

your direction touch kiosk

Your Information and wayfinding touch kiosk

The must-have in large shopping centres! These kiosks help your customers to find their direction, to locate a specific shopping centre or to discover some new..

The touchscreen kiosk is a real opportunity for all shops. It enables them to promote their activities, news and sales in real time.

Search by theme or by the name of a shop

Thanks to a search by theme (clothing, shoes, restaurant…) or by name, your customers have access to the detailed presentation files of each shop located in your shopping centre. They will be informed about the opening and closing of the shops, and also about special offers and the way to get them.

votre borne tactile d'orientation et d'information

votre borne tactile d'orientation et d'information

your direction touch kiosk

Perfect integration into your point of sale

Small or large, with varied designs, it fits perfectly with your furniture.

It is the link between your customers and your shopping centre. It guides them to the stores of their choice.

Guiding your customers

An interactive touchscreen map shows your shopping mall.

Your customers find their location and can get any information by searching by theme or by the name of the shop.

The application guides them by showing on the screen the easiest and fastest way to get there.

Votre borne tactile d'orientation et d'information
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