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Guide your customers and visitors

Your tactile orientation and information terminal

votre borne tactile d'orientation et d'information

Wayfinding kiosks help guide your customers and visitors to you (super and hypermarkets, department stores, stations and airports, hotels, businesses).

Thanks to touch-sensitive wayfinding kiosks, it’s now possible to offer users a new way of finding their way, learning about their surroundings and making unexpected discoveries.

Tactile wayfinding kiosks also represent a great opportunity for businesses to promote their activity and make themselves more accessible to potential customers.

You benefit from a complete offer: guidance software, plans and maps, screens, furniture.

The benefits of orientation kiosks at your point of sale

In the busy, dynamic environments of supermarkets, hypermarkets, railway stations, airports, hotels and businesses, it’s vital to offer customers a smooth, convenient navigation experience. Introducing wayfinding kiosks to your point of sale not only enhances the overall customer experience, but also brings a myriad of benefits to your business.

Easy to navigate

Wayfinding kiosks act as virtual guides, helping customers to navigate effortlessly around your establishment.
Whether they’re looking for a specific product aisle, washroom or service, these kiosks show them the way, reducing customer stress and increasing satisfaction.

Time saving

By simplifying the navigation process, wayfinding kiosks save customers valuable time.
Fast, efficient routes to desired destinations mean they can spend more time shopping or using your services, and less time wandering, increasing customer engagement and potential sales.

Improve customer satisfaction

A positive, stress-free shopping experience contributes significantly to customer satisfaction.
Wayfinding kiosks enable customers to get the information they need, promoting a sense of control and trust within your establishment. Satisfied customers are more likely to become regular visitors and brand advocates.

Sales opportunities

Wayfinding kiosks can be used to present promotions, discounts or special events at your point of sale. Displaying targeted advertising or highlighting specific products can influence purchasing decisions and generate additional sales. These kiosks become a versatile tool for both navigation and marketing.

Customized maps and information

Tailor the wayfinding experience to your specific outlet with personalized maps and relevant information. Whether highlighting in-store promotions, featured products or special services, these kiosks deliver crucial information directly to the customer.

Adaptability to all business sectors

Wayfinding terminals are not confined to commercial spaces; they find their use in a variety of business sectors. From airports to hotels and businesses, these terminals help to facilitate customer journeys in a variety of environments, demonstrating their adaptability and versatility.

The advantages of this solution


Search by theme or store name

By searching directly by name or by theme (clothing, footwear, restaurants, etc.), your customers have access to the presentation sheets of the stores in your mall, and are informed of store openings and closures, as well as promotions and information on how to take advantage of them.

Points of interest can be located using the free-field search engine, or via the list of suggested themes. Each search result is displayed on the map, with a pictogram and a detailed description.

Perfect integration into your point of sale

In a variety of designs, large or small, it blends in perfectly with your mall’s furnishings.

They act as a link between your customers and your shopping center, guiding them to the stores of their choice.

Now indispensable in large shopping centers, large kiosks and strategically placed interactive tables help customers find their way around, find the store of their choice, discover the different stores, or select and filter the type of outlet they wish to visit (shoes, leather goods, clothing…).

votre borne tactile d'orientation et d'information