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Inform your customers

A comprehensive, modular offering

Toucan logiciel de PLV complet et évolutif
Toucan logiciel de PLV complet et évolutif

Toucan® software lets you quickly and easily create advertisements to be printed or display directly at your point of sale, for posters, labels, menus that trigger sales (super and hyper markets, department stores, specialty stores, restaurants…).

Simple and economical !

Comprehensive, scalable software

Posters that match your corporate identity

Different print formats : Price labels, gondola head, banners, kakemonos

Single or multi-user installation

Branded content and template packs for events

A comprehensive template creation tool

Do you have any questions ? A custom project ?

Equipment and consumables

Plotters and printers, video players, screens, paper and tarpaulins, inks…

Full service for all our customers

Installation, configuration, training, user support…

What are the advantages?


  • A single action for print and video communication
  • Free input, automatic input via Back Office,
  • Automatic data entry via database (integrated catalogs)

cost savings

  • No service providers
  • Time-saving for your teams
  • Low creation, printing and distribution costs


  • The brand: visual identity, fundamentals
  • Legislation: origin, unit prices, labels, etc.
  • In-store relay of national, regional and specific messages
  • Unique identity in windows, galleries and stores
  • Prices from catalogs or back office


  • Personalization of all messages
  • Customized messages, selected formats
  • Adaptation to local offers and specific products
  • Messages adapted to place, time, event
  • Messages adapted to stock levels, weather conditions

For which points of sale?

What can the solution do?

Generate your POS advertising

– From a catalog
– From a back office
– From a library
– Free input

Print at your point of sale

  • In total autonomy
  • Plotters and printers
  • Settings by user
  • Automatic selection by profile and format

Broadcast on your screens

All your posters
– Enrich your playlists with videos
and corporate videos
– Add any type of message