The complete solution for your printing and video display

la solution complète pour l'affichage print et vidéo

la solution complète pour l’affichage print et vidéo

la solution complète pour l'affichage print et video

The complete solution for your printing and video display

adtoad is the complete solution that includes adprint to create and print your posters and admoviz to create and broadcast your video contents.

Enrich your offer with :

Our software is available either in a single-user workstation or a TSE (5 or 10 workstations).

la solution complète pour l’affichage print et vidéo

Create and print all your POS on site

The feature that allows you to manage in an autonomous and reactive way, the whole design chain of a POS. From the creation to the printing of your posters.

To create and broadcast on all your screens

The video software that reinforce the visibility of your point of sale.

Deliver product offers from your catalogue operations, easily enter animated posters and enrich your playlists with corporate videos or recipes to animate your store.

Catalogue operations

Manage your national and regional catalogues and even more

Catalogue interactif

Generalist interactive catalogues

With a single feature, managing the flyers of your brand or your purchasing centre has never been easier.

Select 1-click products to spotlight by flipping pages or automatically generate a whole group of POS by format or section.

Specific interactive catalogues

Does your store have a section dedicated to DIY, gardening, sport or culture?

Also subscribe to the specific catalogues at your disposal and manage all your operation from the same software!

Your store interactive catalogue

Create yourself or entrust us with the realisation of the catalogues of your point of sale.

la solution complète pour l’affichage print et vidéo

Print it straight away or send it to a print list (spooler)

Select from a multitude of formats at your disposal and choose the destination of your posters: paper for printing or dynamic (animated) for your screens.

Your own templates!

The only limits are just the ones you impose to yourself

The adprint solution has powerful creation features

Create your posters from A to Z or from an existing template. Use our pre-set formats to print all the homothetic dimensions or start with a blank page and let your imagination run wild. These templates are immediately operational and endlessly reusable.



Entrust us with the creation of your posters !

We create your templates with you, in harmony with your brand graphic charter and the formats requested.

These usuable and endlessly reusable are at your disposal in your software.

une multitude de formats a votre disposition

The link with the Back Office

Save even more time thanks to the link between our software solution and your back office.

Complete solution for print and video display

Liaison back office

Our solution is designed to be connected to your store’s back office.

Whether you are linked to Aladin, Abaco or even Gesmag, we are able to link our software so that you will be more reactive and efficient than ever!

Type or scan a barcode and find instantly all your products and items with the right prices. Your posters will be completed automatically thanks to your software.