Create and print your POS

affichage papier simplement

Create and print your POS

Adprint - le module pour créer et imprimer

Create and print your POS

From an interactive catalogue, a barcode or in free input, choose your items, select the posters you need from a multitude of formats at your disposal.

  •  ISO formats from A7 to A0
  • Square formats, front displays
  • Kakemonos
  • Banners
  • Shelf wobblers
  • Strips
  • Price labels…

We can also add any formats if needed.

In 1 clic, print your POS to your printer or plotter.


From an interactive catalogue

Catalogue interactif

Choose your items to be displayed from your interactive catalogue. Posters are automatically generated in all formats..

Choix affiche

Select your print formats. Print them straightaway or store them in the[simple_tooltip content=’Liste d’attente pour l’impression’] spooler[/simple_tooltip]

Affiche pré-remplie

Your poster is ready!

Create and print your POS


In Free input

Choose from all the posters templates installed with your software. Our templates are conformed to the graphic charter of your store.

Only 30 seconds to type your poster. Find all the mechanics of prices of your store. No need for formulas, the prices per kilo are automatically calculated. Your poster is in compliance with the legislation regarding legal notices such as the origin of your product.

Thanks to a system of [simple_tooltip content=’Modèles d’affiches’]charter’s[/simple_tooltip], association, type your poster only once.

See what it looks like in any other formats in 1 click! All you have to do now is printing the templates you need.


Créez et imprimez vos plv sur le lieu de vente


Thanks to a barcode

Type or scan a [simple_tooltip content=’code barre/identifiant article’]barcode[/simple_tooltip]

Find all your products, thanks to the connection between adprint and your store’s back office.

Whether your point of sale is managed by Abaco, Aladin, Gestmag, your software can retrieve the relevant information in order to fill your posters.

Code barre

Créez et imprimez vos plv sur le lieu de vente


Your own templates

The adprint solution has a powerful creation module..

Design your posters from A to Z or from an existing template. Use our pre-set formats that allow you to print all the homothetic dimensions or leave a blank page and let your imagination run free. These templates are straightaway operational and endlessly reusable.

Création affiche

Créez et imprimez vos plv sur le lieu de vente

Création sur mesure
Entrust us with the cration of your posters!

We create together templates in compliance with the graphic charter of your brand and in all the formats requested.


We create for you usable and endlessly reusable templates in your software.

A powerful spooler

Temporary storage device


  • An even larger selection of formats
  • The ability to increase the number of printed copies per poster
  • Double-sided printing
  • and even edit a poster from a catalogue

EZad - vos consommables

Whether you are equipped with a plotter, a copier or a small laser or inkjet printer, we install and set up your software so that you do not hesitate before printing your POS.

Whatever the format you choose, your posters are automatically sent to the right peripheral.